Best Drill Machines in India: 7 Largely-Selling Drilling Machines You Can Buy for Domestic and Industrial Use

It is not an easy job to drill into a hard surface – metal, concrete, or wood. You need a quality drill machine to carry out such jobs easily. Certainly, a weekend warrior or a DIY enthusiast must love to have a drill machine. So they can perform many drilling works faster and easier. Below we have a list of 10 best drill machines in India. If you are looking to buy an ideal drilling machine you have landed in a good place, of course.

10 Best Drill Machines in India

Workers use drilling machines across the world in the construction industry and for domestic use. With a drill machine, it is an easy job to repair and build various things in your home or worksite. Meanwhile, in industrial use, a drill machine helps automate your work and finish massive tasks easily. In this article, we introduce you to some of the best drill machines in India. So it will be simple for you to find a popular model out there.

There is actually a variety of drill machines based on their use and capacity. For example, on the market, you can see different items like hand drills, hammer drills, cordless drills, pistol-grip corded drills, magnetic drills, and etc. On our list today, we don’t classify the drill machines on their category, however. Instead, we pick the top selling items so you can find the best one. It is indeed up to you to decide on a model from our list.

1. Black + Decker KR554RE 550-watt 13mm Drill Machine

We begin the list with Black + Decker’s popular 550W 13mm variable speed reversible hammer drill machine. It highlights an impact hammering action that makes it perfect for drilling into hard surfaces like concrete and metal. At the same time, it is reversible to use it for screwing applications. Simply, what you get is a full-fledged drilling machine with good power and great features. Thanks to its soft rubber grip and the included auxiliary handle, it offers you a hassle-free drilling experience. Use the link below to buy a unit of the drill.

Check Price and Buy @ Black + Decker 550W Hammer best drill machine for home

This is a very neatly-designed drill machine. Of course, its ergonomic design with comfy grip positions makes this piece of Black + Decker worthy of its price. Above all, you get the relatively lightweight power tool with a shock-proof plastic body. Overall, this is a perfect drill for all who want to drill a hole in a wall, masonry, metal, or concrete surfaces. Its versatile features and included accessories will make all tasks of a DIYer quicker.

Key Specs and Accessories

Specs-wise, as its title says, it is a 550-watt power tool. It features a chuck capacity of 13mm and impact rate of 0-47. Its maximum drill capacity into different materials like masonry and steel goes 13mm and wood 20mm. It has got a 2-meter cable and in the kit comes a chuck key, an auxiliary handle, 1 depth gauge, and four drill bits. It weighs just 2.3 kg, by the way. We have more awesome drill machines below. Stay tuned.

2. Bosch Drill Machine Kit GSB 500 10 RE

As its title suggests, it is an outstanding toolkit with a 500W impact drill machine. We would like to add this kit to our list of the best drill machines in India simply because of its popularity. Of course, having 100 pieces of tools, this kit looks to be a perfect pick for you to carry out many tasks around the house. Well, the included drill machine is a lightweight one with a compact design. That makes it a great solution for a stress-free drilling experience. When it comes to the portability, its 1.5-kg weight is indeed a luck for the DIY enthusiasts.

Check Price and Buy @ Bosch Drill Machine Kit GSB 500 10 RE

Apart from the drill machine, you have a number of essential tools in the Bosch’s popular kit. First, it has a claw hammer with a comfy rubber grip. Then come a wrench, a combination plier, a knife, and a measuring tape. In addition, as you see in the photo, it packs different drill bits, adapters, sockets, screws, and etc. Overall, what you get is a worthy piece of drill kit that helps you perform several tasks in your home. At the same time, with the rich collection of tools, it also looks an ideal toolkit for different laborers.

Key Specs and Accessories

Regarding specs, the drill machine, as said above, is a 500W power tool. It offers chuck capacity of 1 to 10 mm. And its impact rate goes 0 to 41600 bpm. Made with MS and plastic, the drill keeps good quality and a stylish look. The most attractive thing, however, is its low-weight design. It just weighs 1.5 kgs and the kit weighs 4.5 kgs only. The drill is capable to drill a diameter of 10 mm into concrete,  8 mm to steel, and 20 mm to wood.

3. Foster Drilling Machine FPD-010A

This Foster’s cute and lightweight machine is indeed one of the best drill machines in India. Do you want to hang up a family photo or an artwork on the wall? Or want to place a mirror in the bathroom? For every such task, you need to drill holes in the solid walls. The simplest solution is to get an affordable drilling machine like the Foster’s FPD-010A. This cool machine lets you easily drill holes in hard-to-reach and confined walls, thanks to its small size and lightweight design. We have more details below, by the way.

Check Price and Buy @ Foster Drilling Machine FPD-010A

There are more exciting things with the Foster drill machine. See, it touts a pistol-like grip handle that lets you grip the tool more firmly and comfortably to ensure a rather stable drilling experience. Moreover, thanks to its use of a jawed chuck, the machine is compatible with more drill bits. Above all, with its another noted feature of zero vibration drilling, the Foster machine offers you a different drilling experience.

Key Specs and Accessories

Coming to detailed specs, the Foster drill is a 450W machine with a 2600 RPM. Further, it features a standard 10 mm chuck size. Another attraction of the drill is the copper winding of the armature, which helps the motor stay more durable and reliable. With the machine come a unit of chuck key and five different drill bits.

4. Makita HP1630 Impact Drill

Makita is another top vendor of the best drill machines in India. Its HP1630 impact drill is a high-power tool with a 13 mm chuck capacity. Of course, the lovely thing is it is a pretty powerful drill machine for home use. It helps you drill into hard surfaces without much effort, thanks to its 710W motor. The tool also has a hammer mode so it becomes a great solution to drill into tough surfaces. Use the link below to buy a unit of the drill.

                                                     Check Price and Buy @ Makita HP1630 Impact Drill

Indeed, the Makita drill, as you see above, has got an ergonomically designed handle that touts a rubber grip. So you can grip the drill comfortably with good stability and enjoy a better drill experience. Further, it features a durable cylinder-shaped housing for the motor. Overall, you get a highly powerful drill machine with a host of great features. Being a DIYer, you will surely love this Makita drill for various needs around your house.

Key Specs and Accessories

Excited to know the clear specs of the Makita drill? As said above, it is a 710W drill with 13 mm chuck capacity. It can drill a diameter of 16 mm into concrete, 13 mm to steel, and 30 mm to wood. And it offers an IPM of 0-48,000. Meanwhile, it weighs just 2.1 kg and you get a chuck key and a side handle along with the drill.

5. Black + Decker CD121K50 10mm Cordless Drill Kit

What about a cordless, battery-powered drill machine? This Black + Decker is one of the best drill machines in India in the cordless category. Basically, it is a 12V drill cum screwdriver. It comes with a removable 1.3Ah Ni-Cd battery pack so you can use it anywhere without the annoying cord and grid connectivity. Of course, with a cordless drill, you could carry out repair and maintenance tasks more conveniently. By the way, this Black + Decker is a 50-piece kit offer for an affordable price.

Check Price and Buy @ Black + Decker 10mm Cordless Drill Kit

The drilling machine highlights a spring-loaded slide battery system. So it becomes a simple job to change the battery. You can charge the battery with the included charger and fix it into the drill machine quickly. If you have an extra battery it would be rather nice in a situation you have continuous drilling jobs. That is why we recommend this tool as one of the best drill machines in India for DIYers, who can do a lot of jobs with it hassle-free. Use the link above to order a unit of the Black + Decker power tool kit.

Key Specs and Accessories

Coming to specs, this is a 10mm drill and is made of high-quality plastic. Also, its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it one of the best drill machines in India for all type of users. By the way, the toolkit features several essential accessories. They mainly include wood drill bits, wood spade bits, double-ended driver bit, high-speed drill bits, nut drivers, screw finders, and etc. The package weighs just around 3 kg.

6. Bosch GSR 1080-2-li Cordless Drill

Here is another superb cordless drill; Bosch GSR 1080-2-li. It is rich with a host of brilliant features like a 10.8V 2-speed drill and driver combination for powerful drilling and driving experience. You get it with an optimized torque for screw driving. So it becomes one of the best drill machines in India for DIYers. Of course, it is worth the money as it is very handy, lightweight, and powerful to let you drill into solid surfaces conveniently. 

Check Price and Buy @ Bosch GSR 1080-2-li Cordless Drill

As you see in the photo, it sports an old-style keyless chuck. The great thing, however, with the Bosch cordless drill is its handy and compact design. With a pair of lithium batteries, you get a chance to use the tool for a long time outdoors. You can keep one battery in charging and replace it with the drained one to continue your work with no lag. By the way, it is a bit pricier than all the above models. Still, it has a good number of takers.

Key Specs and Accessories

Specs wise, the drill features an Electronic Cell Protection technology to prevent overload, overheating and quick battery discharge. The machine, in the meantime, equips a 2-speed gear for a better drilling and driving experience. What’s more, it has got an LED to light up your dark workspaces. The only accessories available with the drill are a pair of 1.5Ah lithium batteries and a charger.

7. Dewalt Drill Machine DWD024

There is a huge variety of Dewalt drills on the market. We have picked this 13mm model – DWD024 – for our list of the best drill machines in India. Though the company sells many other advanced models, it is indeed one of the favorite picks in India. As you see, it is a powerful VSR impact drill. So you can work confidently on both hard and soft surfaces. Also, it acts like a screwdriver. Use the link below to buy a unit of the drill.

Check Price and Buy @ Dewalt Drill Machine DWD024

As said above, the tool has two modes; a regular drill and hammer drill. In the second mode, it helps you easily drill into hard surfaces with a combination of rotational motions and impacts. Sure, that is a normal feature most of the advanced drill machines have. Anyway, this Dewalt product is certainly one of the best picks you can find on the drill market. Stay with us for the detailed specs of the Dewalt drill machine below.

Key Specs and Accessories

Well, the 650W machine can penetrate up to 25mm into the wood, 16mm into concrete, and 13 mm to steel. And it offers a speed of 0-1100/0-2600 rpm. By the way, the drill is made of high-quality plastic and thus is durable for long use. Also, it comes with an auxiliary handle to help you grip it stable during the work.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the seven best drill machines in India. Hope you could find a cool drilling machine for all your DIY and professional needs. It is actually not a difficult job to find a nice drill. Most of the models have almost the same features. So it is all about picking a model that matches your price. The only thing you need to check is the customer feedback. And our list has only top-reviewed products.

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